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4 Ways Educators Can Use Swivl To Make Hybrid Lessons interesting!

1. Record a short instruction video before lessons

You can now give students instructions on pre-reading or pre-watching related videos or articles by recording pre-lesson instructions; this means that now they can come to class ready to contribute their ideas. For such videos, short videos that are structured will help your students prepare the necessary readings.

Want to make it better? Use our Swivl App to record yourself at a different location. Who says that learning is limited to your classroom? Why not use our Swivl App to record yourself teaching at a mall, café or even a factory - As long as it supports your lesson objectives, who says teaching is boring?

2. Record OR Stream your lessons!

With our brand new Swivl CX, you will be able to record and stream your lessons! Have students who are stuck at home or overseas? Why not conduct classes and stream privately through Zoom, Microsoft Teams or Google Meet!

There is a growing demand for streaming and longer recorded videos. Right now, teachers need not worry about batteries going flat while recording or streaming lessons because our devices will charge the attached mobile devices while recording.

Be sure to add on more markers so that students connected virtually will be able to hear discussions from other groups and participate accordingly.

When teachers record their lessons, students will be able to review the video as a form of revision to solidify their learning.

3. Record students’ discussions!

As we move towards student-centric lesson design, participation is where the magic happens. As educators, we find that golden moments often occur when students begin to apply their learning through sharing.

As such, it makes sense to record their discussions using our brand-new markers. In the past, Swivl Markers were colour coded for easy identification. While this was useful, teachers have to scramble to find the right colour for the right group. Right now, all we need to do is to connect, and the colour is automatically assigned, so you do not need to locate the right markers individually each time you use them.

4. Record your students’ presentation

Students now have an opportunity to record and share their findings through video as well. With video presentations, teachers can use them to track students’ understanding of the subject matter. With our Pro Account, teachers will also be able to use advanced tools such as annotation and scoring, to help direct students’ learning.

Teachers need not worry about storage with many videos recorded as all our devices come with unlimited storage. Through the Swivl cloud, anyone can share these videos privately and securely.

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